What if I am not satisfied with the results of your training programs?

We alleviate such risk by first of all offering the first few lessons for free. If you sign up and the performance doesn't meet your expectations, then we will first find out what is not working to see if it can be fixed.


Our payment policy is "Train First, Pay After". Should you feel unsatisfied, simply cancel at any time. There are no financial risks.

Why should I choose your training programs when there are plenty of free training materials on the internet?

It is true that there are quality free materials with good knowledge, such as Khan Academy and IXL. However, equally important is how the knowledge is imparted to the students and how the knowledge is applied. Not everyone can learn by just watching online videos or reading ebooks. By working with a live trainer or tutor, you get more customized feedbacks that can help you get over some of the challenges with less pain.

Why should I choose you instead of other traditional tutoring agencies?

We are offering more than just academic tutoring. We train you on practical skills, mindsets, and habits so that you can be independent and not need our service anymore.

Therefore, it is true that our prices may be higher than tutoring services or "some random guy on KIJIJI offering tutoring for $30/hour". We believe that the value we bring justifies our price and that the total lifetime cost of our training programs in addressing your challenges will be lower.